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A Parent's Worst Nightmare Coming True

Apart from having heard friends talk about their experiences, I wasn’t familiar with how Social Services worked. I didn’t know what type of background checks they do before a child is placed in temporary foster care, or anything else for that matter. Nonetheless, struggling up the six steps to the upper floor of our home was a beautiful, black haired, blue eyed little girl. This was two days after her fourth birthday. Her eager eyes still had the same infection I had noticed other times I’d seen her over the years — Yes….YEARS! This evidence of neglect was only the beginning of what we will later learn is a long list of things that no child should have to go through.  - read more...

Thrive by Le-Vel, articles by

The Day Everything Changed

The day my life changed forever. It was profound for my wife and I. It was a test and continues to be to this day. Although it was unexpected, I believe God knew the desires of my heart as well as my wife’s.   - read more...

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