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7 Amazing Summertime DIY Projects Your Kids Will Love

Outside of maybe Christmas, there is no other event in a kiddo’s universe that is more exciting than summer vacation. But for many of us adults, this time of year is more of the same old stuff: work, work, and work. Maybe, just maybe, some of us may be lucky enough to squirrel away a little bit of a nest egg through the year and just might get a little time away from home.  - read more...

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My Thrive Experience

My Thrive experience started in a similar way I’ve read most people talk about: with skepticism. I was 46 years old, working 12-hour rotating shifts. Nights and then days with overtime in between. I have an active lifestyle outside of work. Between 2 kids, a marriage, and all the things I wanted to go do, the candle I had been burning on both ends was quickly running out of a middle. My energy levels were dropping; My body was starting to show signs of wear and tear; My mood and overall feeling of well-being were beginning to crack. On my days off I found myself wanting to sleep more and do less. The demands and activities of my kids and family life were at times a huge chore rather than a source of enjoyment. My patience with people at work, my wife, and with myself was also say the least. I began asking myself some hard questions. What were my options? Can I continue to make great money and provide for my family without ruining my health?  - read more...

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8 Steps to Restful Sleep

So how do we find the time for us? What is important in our life? How do we stay healthy? One of the most overlooked activities in our quest to stay healthy and highly functioning is SLEEP. The lack of sleep carries with it a host of debilitating conditions that can negatively affect our ability to stay healthy. Here is a short list of a few:  - read more...

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